Courage to Shine

My ultimate wish is for you to be and live your fullest, healthiest and best version of yourself.

I support you tapping into that inner space, where aligned with your feminine power, feeling healthy and happy, you transmit and radiate your potential.

Your time is now. Your life is now.

Is your desire to create, manifest and live the life you deserve? I am here to be your rock, whilst you step forward with new confidence, courage and commitment to dare shine and live your dream.

Your feminine power

Are you looking to attract a mate? Be more of yourself at your work place? Radiate a confidence that makes you feel safe and others around you too? Feel connected to your desires and flow more with life in general?

Your cellular power

Do you want to feel your body tingle from the inside, knowing that your cells are dancing and communicating? You feel alive and live according to your bio type?

Your communication power

Struggling with speaking up? Standing on a stage? Not feeling confident in front of others? Yet so wanting to attract attention and connect with your audience?

About me

Love what is, not what you want there to be.

This is one of my favourite mottos. Can we just be and love unconditionally without expectations and judgements? Sounds so simple and is not so easy.

Can we hold this love in all the pain, discrimination, injustice, prejudice etc. going on in this world right now, knowing it is NOT OK, yet at the same time holding the light and the space that this is part of humanity’s evolution, and our personal internal development we all have to go through. We are all but a reflection of the big macro cosmos, and that again is a reflection of us and where we are as individuals.


I think this is why I have been so consistent in my endeavour to find an inner balance, a grounded realistic approach to life, and to understand and know myself, my emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Most probably that is why I have tried on, experimented, laughed and struggled to find my own unique path to self-empowerment, always seeking ways to be a light for others. (That is why my logo is a light house).

If the purpose of life is joy, then I certainly have a lot of joy in me. Let me support you in finding more joy, better health, more radiance, more confidence, more being and accepting “you” in your life.

More “About Me”

Work with me

This year I am offering fewer classes and courses as I have decided to focus  on just two things. Confident Speaking and Redox Molecules. Now you might ask yourself what on earth are Redox Molecules, and what do they have to do with oneanother?

The answer is easy: both help us communicate.

Speaking as the external, outward communication. How can we do this with ease and confidence? 

Redox Molecules are the communicators of each and every one of our millions of cells (without redox we would not be alive). They communicate internally in our body and support our cells in the process of repair, replenishment and replacement. As we age our production of redox reduces.

I offer a 30 minute free consultation session. Press the button to schedule an appointment if you are interested, and let’s connect.


In an informal safe setting we meet fortnightly in a small group. Everyone gets the oppportunity several times to speak on given topics in front of the group. The rest of the group are the audience and give feedback. What landed? What works? What is great? Where is room for improvement?  Each time we meet, we focus on certain topics such as voice, body, energy, projection, small talk, etc.

To learn more click here.


If you are suffering from brain fog, lack of concentration, lack of lustre and sparkle in life, not sleeping so well, constant aches and pains, then do reach out. For more information you can also find more information on the following webpage: