About me

Growing up half English, half German and marrying a Dane, I just love the feeling of being global and that this world is my playground. It has definitely made me who I am today.

I’ve been on the self-development path since I can remember, and you name it, I have most probably tried or done it. Always seeking self-improvement, always experimenting and exploring what this life really is about? What does relating and having healthy relationships mean, healthy mind-sets, healthy bodies, etc.  It’s fascinating and I love it, despite all the hardships and struggles in between, and there have been plenty of those (including lack of self-confidence). Funny how you teach, what you had to figure out and overcome yourself.

Life has had me move around from business studies, to the more creative line of textile designer at an established art school. Even a macrobiotic graduate back in the 80’s in the USA, which gave me lots of insight into Zen and the wisdom of Yin and Yang.  Balance means a lot to me. That is perhaps why I am often fascinated with peace related topics and issues.

I’ve added different therapeutic studies, courses in bodywork and healing, wellness and health. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world, and have seen many amazing portals and power spots. Here, in groups or individually, I have been doing a lot of collective healing work for humanity and this planet. One of the reasons I’m here on this planet.

Lately, I’ve been coaching more. One to one, or running fun workshops. For me it’s all about serving and supporting women in their empowerment and awareness process.

I do not have all answers, but I am happy to share with you what I know.

Join me on a trip to Ireland

I was planning to walk along the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland in 2018, as part of my project to do healing work for “divided” countries or cities.  The original idea has changed slighly. I am taking a group to Ireland and not doing it alone.  The dates are confirmed, the bus and hotels booked: 01st June to 11th June.  We will be criss-crossing the borders of Ireland and northern Ireland, spending time at different sites and energy places.  It’s going to be an amazing and an unusal tour. Please check below to get the flyer and read more in detail.

I have done similar work all along the border between North and South Korea, and on Cyprus along the UN Buffer Zone between Turkey and Greece. The amazing thing is that when setting the intention and healing for other (even places), healing takes place in yourself too.

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Healer, Coach and Speaker. Upcoming author (working on it).

The Celtic Call

Trip to Ireland June 2018. If you are interested in participating, please contact me.