Heart Intelligence (Heart IQ™) Coaching and Facilitation

Heart Intelligence

Heart IQ™ is the art of feeling more joy in your life through the process of accepting who you are, as you are, without making yourself wrong. This sounds so simple and yet it is not.

We come together as a group in order to explore and practice accepting all these parts that make us up as the Beings we are. Some parts you will appreciate and like. Other parts you might judge, reject and even hide from yourself and others. We spend a lot of energy withholding and suppressing these parts. This keeps us feeling stuck, as well as preventing us from living our lives more fully.

Becoming more heart intelligent means gaining more acceptance for the whole spectrum of all of your emotions. This is done by listening, following, and opening your heart, letting more of life in and letting all of who you are out, risking being vulnerable to others. Intrinsic for this skill is the ability to communicate from the heart.

The Magic of Circle

We all have pain, no matter what form it takes. By digesting it together in circle, this pain is allowed to transform into wisdom. This is the accelerated path of Heart Intelligence.

Sitting in circle helps us get more clear, present, connected and heart directed together. The amplified field created by the circle’s members focusing their attention on their own and each others’ hearts contributes to this.

Heart Circles are by definition not coaching groups or processing circles. This said, heart circles are a wonderful space to feel our aliveness, radiance and presence, sharing and expressing our truth in the NOW.

The depth of the sharing is related to the safety of the deep emotional-energetic relaxation that occurs, when we feel deeply accepted and supported.

This work is transformational and healing.

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