Health and Wellness Coaching

How do you feel health and wellness wise?

If you could put an evaluation on how healthy and well you feel between 1 and 10, where 1 is not feeling so good, fatigued, foggy brain, dull, digestion not so good, do not sleep so well etc., and 10, where you feel vibrant, energetic, clear headed, alive, sleep well, etc. Where would you be?

Health advice is readily available everywhere

Unfortunately, it can also be very confusing and even sometimes contradictory. How are we to know what to believe?

The best place to start is understanding that no two people on this earth, with over 7 billion people, are exactly alike. We all have different DNA, different lifestyles, and live in different environments. So it makes sense that we all have completely different and entirely unique needs with regards to health and wellbeing.

In order to feel healthy, and well, we need to understand more about our own body type, have more information with a personalized health approach to really understand:

  • What foods are good for me?
  • What fitness best suits my body?
  • Am I living in an environment best suited for my body type?
  • How do external factors like friends, work, social life, living circumstances affect my wellbeing?
  • And what about the internal factors like mental habits, tackling our emotions, feeling connected to our inner life?

They all play a role on the level of how happy, healthy and whole we feel as a human being.

This is where PH360 comes in

PH360 is a personal health platform that provides health and lifestyle insights based on scientific calculations of gene expression. It provides a personalized guide to food, fitness, environment and lifestyle for optimal wellness.

It takes a look at all the above mentioned epigenetic factors in ONE program. Bringing ancient wisdom from Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), together with the most updated and latest of Western Medicine in ONE program that provides over 15,000 data points and 500 algorithms, to generate information specific for you.

If this has your interest, check out the video “The Personal Health Revolution” for more info. You can also click here, which will give you access to a  Health Type Test. You will get to know what health type you are, and will be sent info.

This will give you an idea, where to start and how to get going, living a lifestyle more geared towards activating all your good genes. Which of course, will let you feel much more healthy. At the same time this short Health Type Test will give you greater awareness of what epigenetic factors are actually influencing the quality of your life.

However, to get YOUR personal unique recommendations, more detailed information would be required. This is where I would come into the picture.

Personalized coaching

I am a PH360 coach. I am also a person very interested in living a healthy happy life, where I can live the full expression of my genes. I hope you are that too. We all are here on earth to live our fullest potential, and to do that it is so important to have a body, mind, and spirit that can support us in that.

I offer a package, including the PH360 program, together with 2 coaching sessions, to get you started on your unique path to health and wellness.

If you are interested in an informative session (30 mins), schedule a call with me to get you started. This button will take you through to my calendar. 

Want to see if PH360 could be something for you?

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