Confident Speaking – This course is ongoing and is held in German.  If there are enough people interested in doing it in English I’m happy to offer it in English too. Please contact me.

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Confident Speaking Classes and Coaching

Being seen

Speaking is often many peoples’ greatest fear, especially public speaking. Being seen and heard can certainly trigger lots of thoughts and judgements about yourself. Standing up there in front of an audience, or your boss, or your team, class, etc. you most probably can feel all sorts of emotions, and notice your body´s reactions, just alone thinking about it.

This is what you might feel:

  • exposed and vulnerable
  • nervous and sweating
  • worried about mistakes you might make
  • worried if you can remember your text, content
  • concerned that you don’t have anything to say
  • disconnected from your base and just talking from the head, not connected to your audience
  • etc., etc…

There are lots of things you can do to practice, support yourself, be aware of, and have in mind when you communicate with others, so that you can feel more confident, connected and relaxed. This benefits both the speaker and the listener, who also then can relax and listen to what you have to say.

The classes I run are in small groups of up to 8 people over 4 evenings, where focus is not so much on content. I want you initially to learn to feel safe, feel grounded and in your body. You get to experiment and try things out. Get feedback on your speaking, on your speaking habits, your voice, tonality, body language, on how you come across, etc.

Everyone in the group gets to give lots of short talks, with different challenges given by me on given topics, to the rest of the group (our small audience). They, on the other hand, learn to listen and feel. And give generous, positive feedback to the speaker. So it’s a win : win.

Usually, these evenings are really fun, with lots of laughter und delight.