Magnetic, Radiant and Feminine

A weekend to embrace YOU and all your beauty.

This Workshop will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Planning for Summer 2018.

The Art of Feminine Presence™

Every woman has her own beautiful feminine essence

Some women have it more pronounced, some women more hidden and tucked away, wanting to be awakened. It is an energetic, empowering and magnetic quality, not to be mistaken with your personality. When you embody your feminine essence you automatically attract the respect and attention you want, as you claim and own your attractiveness, your radiance, sensuality and groundedness.

Embodying your feminine presence, and not living a life disconnected from it, will support you in …

  • attracting and keeping passionate lasting love
  • up-keeping a prosperous career aligned with your values
  • living a meaningful life connected to your spiritual self
  • having more authentic confidence
  • enjoying receiving positive attention
  • being more at ease setting clear boundaries with others.

How can you be powerful and feminine?


When you are more aligned with your body and can embrace and discover who you really are in your femininity, then you feel the joy and pleasure of your sensuality. You can then be the woman you truly are, resting in this place of confidence and trust, knowing you can speak up, and knowing you can set your borders feeling safe.


Coming from this place in yourself, you then become more radiant and magnetic, attracting healthy relationships, asking for the income you want, and increasing your impact in the world.


Feel free to connect with me here to see if you would like to join one of my ongoing Art of the Feminine Presence classes. Either here in Berlin, where I live, but I also teach this at weekend classes out and around in Scandinavia and other places in Germany. My next course will be in Copenhagen, Denmark. Planning for Summer 2018.