The Celtic Call

Beyond Borders

“There is magic available as we open ourselves to this journey.”


Ireland and Northern Ireland

1st June to 11th June 2018

What are your desires and dreams when you think of Ireland?  

Have you always wanted to see the ancient sites from early days, filled with rich myths and legends?

Visit abandoned castles, part of Ireland’ s former history?

Speak to fairies or leprechauns in the morning mists?

Listen to humming harps and Irish folklore music?

Overlook the rolling Atlantic from the top of beautiful coastal paths?

Follow in the footsteps of the Druids and Celts, or perhaps even your own former ancestors?

We can offer you all of that and more.

Not in a overly touristy way, but in a setting, where you get to feel, sense and experience the whispers of this Celtic call.  Would you want that?  Read on!


Forge your own singing bowl over live fires, bringing out the alchemist in you, as metals are formed into musical instruments.


Capture the wild beauty of northern Ireland and North Ireland, as we take our co-created, crafted bowls and share the sound alchemy at various special sites in the surrounding landscapes, letting the vibrations and sounds travel beyond the borders of our own making and of the island of Eire.


Initiate your bowl in a way that honors it as a conscious being, just like the land, the earth and sea you are surrounded by.


Spend time in the mystery and awe of creation, as you invite the elementals and beings to assist in transformation of your own life and future?


Live in a beautiful retreat house overlooking the Atlantic, with a hearth that is kept and fed by the compassionate fire of Brigid, also the keeper of the forge in the Celtic way?


Travel with like-minded people, and new friends for the future, through the northern parts of Ireland and North Ireland transcending borders within and around us?


Capture and let in to your heart the soul of Ireland’s magic and beauty, listening to where we are called to go and invited to be?



The outline and the basic plan is as follows: (see below). This may vary slightly, as we listen and tune into our needs, the needs of the group, the needs and the calling of the land, and of course depending to a degree on how the Weather Gods want to play along.

Part 1: 01st June to 03rd June 

Creating your own Singing Bowl

You will be staying in Villa Nova, a sanctuary and private retreat house, a peaceful haven along the Atlantic coast path, in Bundoran, Co. Donegal.

A beautiful old house, lovingly referred to as the “old lady.”

Here you and the group, will find respite from the outer world and hear that which calls you to who you are and where you come from.

You will craft over the forge fires your own singing bowl, offering you to enter a period of deep, intimate space with the land and yourself.

You will be invited to be a co-creator with the metal and the elements of sound and nature, birthing a vibrational frequency that has the capacity to impact the future, honour the past and allow an immersion in the wider community and landscape.

This part is led by the amazing Gabriella Kapfer and Heather Cowen, who call themselves the “Resounding Earth Team”.

They both have a long background in holding vibrational healing workshops, giving concerts with their instruments, and running pilgrimages to sacred sites working with sound and nature. Read more about them here.

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Part 2: 04th June to 07th June

Sounding the bowls

With the bowls accomplished we would love to take them and you to some of the most amazing sites in this greater surrounding area, in order let our instruments sound their lovingly made energies into the collective space of these ancient sites surpassing all borders of time and space, and history. We will remain based in Bundoran and both Heather and Gabriella will most likely join us for some of these trips.

One of the days we will travel south and take you to Creevykeel Court Tomb, an amazing monument located close to the sea. The town of Sligo is not so far from here, with its beautiful well and Abbey, and even Carrowmore if we are really adventurous.

The trip to Devenish Island and Enniskillen, would be following the calling to trace the path eastwards and travel into close-by Northern Ireland, UK. A beautiful trip around Lower Lough Errie.

The longest of these day trips would take us north to the Stone Fort of Grianán of Aileach, located on a hill top in Inishoven with a breathtaking view over the glistening waters of Lough Foyle and Lough Swilly, and looking over the valley into Derry, Northern Ireland, UK, where we might go for the afternoon.

Part 3: 07th June to 11th June

Travelling with the bowls

You will now leave Bundoran, which has been you home for the past 6 nights, and we will part with Heather and Gabriella, although darling Heather might join us for special occasions, as she remains in Ireland. The group, in our 15 seater bus will head to the beautiful Beaghmore Stone Circle on our way to Ballymena in the north east of Northern Ireland, which will be your base for two nights.

You can just NOT be in Ireland without seeing the Giant’s Causeway area, and travelling down the beautiful Antrim Coast Road. This will be a whole day’s outing, with lots of stops (incl. if you wish a short stop at the oldest whiskey distillery in Northern Ireland). But you will want to spend most of the day with good time, to walk around and soak in the beauty of this amazing countryside and nature.

The following morning the group will leave for Belfast, where half a day will be at your disposal for your own interests. But not without the whole group crossing the “Peace Bridge” in the bus together first. I’d like to show you Slieve Gullion in the afternoon, as we head south again to the borderlands. Slieve Gullion is a  “mountain” in the south of county Armagh (still in Northern Ireland). This mountain is heart of the Ring of Gullion, and is the highest point in the county with 573 m. At the summit is a small lake and two ancient burial cairns.

Crossing into Ireland again we will stay the night in a hotel, as another “MUST SEE” the next morning in Ireland is the World Heritage Site of New Grange. A 5200 year old passage tomb, built by stone age farmers. The mound is 85m in diameter! We will join a tour of this very precious site and have sufficent time to walk around and hopefully catch a glimpse also of Knowth and Dowth, two further megalithic passage tombs in the same Boyne Valley.

On the way to the Trim area, where we will spend our final night, we will stop off at the Hill of Tara, an archaeological complex that is said to have been the seat of the High King of Ireland and the home of the Gods and Druids. Not much is to be seen any more of these golden days, but the site has a spiritual attraction for many.

Our last morning, you will have some time in Trim to meander the streets of the small town, and take a look at Trim castle, Ireland’s largest Norman castle (used in the production of Braveheart).

It’s time to say farewell to the deva spirit of Ireland, ring our bowls and say our prayers and leave our blessings. For that we will drive further 50 kms into the centre of the island to Uisneagh Hill, the geographical and spiritual centre of ancient Ireland.  Just 596m high the summit commands an extensive panaramic view over the central plain, but has also played a significant role in the history of Ireland. Here you can say your goodbyes and whisper words of gratitude, and place fresh wishes, as you stand under the so called Fairy Tree.

From here we turn east again to Dublin, where our tour together ends. Perhaps you will stay on a day or two in this friendly and lively capital before you travel home? It’s well worth it.

These five days we will be tourists aswell as transformers, bridging borders and looking what is beyond. Upkeeping an awareness to the land itself and to the energies of the various locations.

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Make your own way to Donegal from Dublin (easy coach ride) and you will get picked up by one of us.

Or get a lift with the 15 person seater, departing from Belfast in the morning of the 01st June. This bus will be available for the entire trip and be taking us all places.

Arrive as from 01.45 pm on Friday 1st June at Villa Nova and settle before starting the workshop at 02.30 pm. The metal cost for your bowl comes extra.

You will have full board and lodging in simple and comfortable accommodation in single rooms with linen and a wash hand basin and shared bathroom facilities here in Villa Nova, Bundoran the first 6 nights.

Generous and delicious, predominantly vegetarian food will be prepared especially for us, whilst here, where some of the vegetables will come from the organic community garden at Villa Nova, if the season allows.

At the remaining 3 hotels, you will find either twin rooms (with two single beds – where we could get them) or double rooms, with a double bed in. Single rooms at extra cost.

Breakfast will be a traditional hotel breakfast, and we will stop in fun pubs or restaurants for lunches and supper, where you can eat a la carte. Drinks not included.

We have included entrance fees to all of the sites we will be visiting on the trip.

You will be transported around in a hired 15 seater bus, and will be safely dropped off in Dublin at a central place, or at your hotel if you have one booked.

I hope I have not forgotten anything, but if you do have any questions, contact me at:

Just want to mention, Gabriella and myself speak fluent German, and I speak fluent Danish. If anyone joins this trip who is not native English speaker, we will do our best to help. 

Your Hosts:

Heather and Gabriella, will be teaching the bowl forging workshop, where I will be a happy participant. They plan to join us for the first three days, whilst we are still based on the West Irish coast.

These two ladies are amazing in all of their knowledge and wisdom, their handicraft and their deep connection to the land and source. DO check out their websites here (just click the red and you will automatically click through): for their mutual website, for Gabriella’s, and for Heather’s. Here they have elaborate incredible descriptions of themselves and all the work they commit to and bring, all over the world.

It’s an honour to be working with such fine ladies.

Whereas, for myself, I can hardly believe I studied tourism like 45 years ago, and am now planning a tour like this with such depth, fineness and fierceness all at the same time.

It has been a great longing of mine for some time to come to Ireland and walk along the Irish – Northern Ireland border. Having worked in other divided countries like South/North Korea, on Cyprus, and of course in the city of Berlin, where I live, seperation and dividedness has called my attention.

I will not be walking along the border this time around. But I’m pretty sure a lot of healing can take place travelling around and criss-crossing these borders with a group of like-minded souls. Plus the purity and essence of the intention of our bowls. There are many places here calling for healing, and in our own unique ways I sincerely believe we can transform some of these energies.

You can read more about me on my webpage:

Total Price for all the above and more is: 1787 Euros.

This includes:


The 2 1/2 day amazing singing bowl workshop


All accommodation and full board


All entrance fees at all sites, incl. Whiskey Distillery (if you want to go),


All touring and petrol


Delivery central place or at your hotel in Dublin


Heather and Gabriella as your workshop facilitators and “guide” for 3 extra days


Me as your driver, guide, and angel for all 11 days…

All you need is to book your flights and get yourself to Bundoran, download and fill in the booking form and pay a deposit of 500 Euros. That will secure your place.

“Working with Gabriella and Heather has been the deepest and most profound experience of transformation for me. Never before have I felt so safe in a workshop. My process with my bowl was tough at times, and always – like a miracle – one of these  beautiful enablers showed up to be with me. Sometimes to support me in the handling of the tools, sometimes to listen, sometimes to just be in silence together for a while, sometimes to ask this one question that allowed me to move on. Three souls who can hold the rim of the circle in wondrous ways… each bringing a unique voice to the whole. They co-create a sacred vessel – a healing sanctuary. Forging my own singing bowl has allowed me to re-connect with the elemental energies.” 
Michaela Sieh, Brussels, Belgium

“Taking part in the Training with Elizabeth was a real treat. Under her the loving presence it was easy to explore embodying this Presence myself. Some of what we learned I could integrate instantly and while walking in the forest or meeting people, I notice that I remember our practices and they help me find my Presence again in a second.” Anja K, Berlin, DE

For me it was an amazing experience to participate in Elizabeth’s weekend class. She is soft, warm and very heartfull. The way she teaches is unique, easy to understand and get, instructions given with clarity and care. In many ways an exceptionally weekend of growth for me. I will now quietly go and enjoy and integrate all the new things I have learnt, will gently take them into my every day life and let them grow in me. I can only recommend Elizabeth’s workshop.” Hanne K. Copenhagen, DK

Frequently asked Questions:

What are your cancellation policies?

If you cancel after 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the trip (on or after 01st May) you will incur a charge of 50% of the trip’s price.

If you cancel 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the trip (on or after 15th May) you will incure a charge of 100% of the trip’s price.

Please also check Resounding Earths’ Terms and Conditions

What about my deposit, do I loose it if I cancel?

If you cancel at any time, for any reason, once the deposit is paid, this will incur the forfeit of the deposit. See above under cancellation policies for more.


We respectfully ask that you take care of your own travel and medical insurance requirements.

How do I get from Dublin/Belfast to Bundoran?

Here’s a great link:

If you fly into Belfast, you can get a lift with me when I pick up the bus at Belfast airport at approx 9.30 am on June 1st and head for Bundoran.

How many participants are we?

The trip as from 04th June  – 11th June is calculated on there being at least 8 participants. There will be a few more participants at the workshop itself (01-03 June), as some locals have already signed up.

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